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Discovery: Science to Innovation

We Grow the Quantity and Value of Your Innovation Assets

Creating innovation “feedstock” from science requires identifying and appraising your science assets and creating the mechanism through which they can be focused and translated into intellectual property that can be harnessed

We use proprietary tools to identify and comparatively map science and innovation inputs and outputs across sources showing where a target institution stands and what they can lever

We have planned innovation institutions now operating for 20 to 30 years

Our Discovery Competencies

Research pattern analysis
Global and national knowledge center leadership mapping
Research organization structure demand trends
Alternative research organization models and structure options
Discovery bridge structure business planning


Development: Innovation to Solution

We Structure Ways to Increase Higher Volume of Commercialization Deal Flow with Reduced Start-up Risk
Converting innovations into market solutions requires building bridges between innovation sources and viable enterprise, including screening innovations, funding proof-of-concept, and managing new enterprise formation—not simply incubation

We apply proven techniques to assess and benchmark commercialization resources performance within institutions and their economies, determine missing elements and work collaboratively with the marketplace to craft new bridge elements to accelerate quality deal flow

We have planned commercialization centers now running for 10-20 years

Our Development Competencies

Assessment of commercialization assets and weakness
Technology center identification and comparative appraisal
Collaborative development mechanism building process
Integrated business planning of delivery systems
Linking of new capital partnerships for development


Deployment: Solution to Market

We Enable Your Economy to Capture Innovation Value and Grow.

Today, innovation sources and stakeholders are concerned with more than launching a growing volume of individual enterprises. They seek to aggregate concentration of firms, creating clusters in their economy, that generate triple bottom-line outcomes: market solutions, direct revenue to innovation sources and economic impacts to the community We use proven enterprise and cluster strategy methods to evaluate and define economic inputs needed to build and retain firms and achieve cluster growth as well as technology parks that serve as distinctive microeconomic hubs for growth We have completed over 30 cluster initiatives and 15 technology parks globally

Our Deployment Competencies

Analysis of emerging industry stage within regional economic portfolio
Assessment of needs to retain, expand and attract specific industries
Comparative analysis of key inputs: innovation, skills, capital, logistics, resources, marketing, governance
Global demand and competition for target industries
Cluster strategy, organization and management
Microeconomic-driven case and anchor tenants for technology park plans





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