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We Serve Generators of Innovation

We Serve Sponsors & Users of Innovation

We serve universities, institutes, laboratories, hospitals
and entrepreneurs that are sources of innovation and
need new types of “bridges” to reach the marketplace
and maximize economic value from their research assets 

Key Questions for Innovation Sources

Discovery—Do You Know Your Assets? How distinctive are your science assets are compared to competitors?
Do you know the downstream value of your intellectual property?

—Can You Enable Commercialization? Do you have capacity to proactively mine and package IP, provide pre-seed and seed capital, and guide development of market ready startups
Deployment—Are You Retaining Growth? Have licenses and start-ups from your sources left your region without revenue or jobs being captured locally?

Your Reality—Build Your Innovation Pipeline 

You can produce innovation that not only address needs but generates enduring financial returns for your institution as well as impacts on your economy

We serve those who are concerned with capturing the value of innovation to address market problems, grow their revenues while enabling economic growth—whether international agencies, nations, states, metropolitan regions, public-private partnerships, foundations, corporations and investors

Key Questions for Innovation Stakeholders

Discover—Are You Looking “Beyond” Science? Do you know where to find distinctive new centers of science, leaders in translational research, partners in precompetitive consortia and contract R&D to guide your science institution support and investment directions?

Develop—Are Your Ready to Expand Deal Generation? Have you assessed commercialization limits surrounding centers of innovation? Are you ready to form or partner with new development corporations tailored to needs of innovation sources and their surrounding economy to expand volume of quality pre-venture and venture stage enterprise deal flow?
Deploy—Are Your Prepared to Concentrate Economic Growth? Have you appraised key economic inputs essential to retaining, aggregating and compounding economic growth—and are your ready to build from individual enterprises to new clusters and anchor economic hubs, such as technology parks?

Your Reality—Find and Partner with the Innovation Pipeline

You can increase the quantity and focus of innovation feedstock, expand the volume and quality of innovation-driven enterprise deals, and directly capture, retain and concentrate innovation-driven growth by identifying, supporting and partnering with strategic innovation pipeline initiatives.






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